UBC Wildcard Team

UBC Wildcard Team


The UBC Wildcard team was introduced to enable all levels of players, from all over the world the opportunity to compete in this amazing event. Players who were not pre-selected or picked from the draft will go into a random draw to decide who plays in the team. The lucky bowler who is drawn out will be able to select the other two players in their team from the UBC registered player list. There will be three different wildcard teams for the three UBC events.

Event 1

Player 1: Rod Mellon

Player 2: Nathan Wise

Player 3: Steve Douglas

Event 2

Player 1: Ben Hubber

Player 2: Josh Corless

Player 3: Paul Girdler

Event 3

Player 1: Stephen Carney

Player 2: Matt Miles

Player 3: Tiff Brodie